How to Choose the Right Bed Mat for Your Pickup Truck

The bed of your truck is designed to carry cargo and materials, but damage to the truck bed and the paint often becomes a problem over time. Installing a rubber truck bed mat can protect the paints and bed, but there are some things you need to consider when selecting the mat for your pickup truck. 

Bed Mat Fit

Rubber truck bed mats are typically made to fit a specific make and model truck, and trying to use the wrong mat in your pickup's bed will often result in one that fits poorly and does not offer the protection it should. The number of companies producing these truck bed mats is increasing, so finding one that is made for your vehicle and will fit properly is not overly challenging. 

Start by searching your truck's year, make, and model to find bed mats made for it. If the manufacturer offered several bed sizes for your truck, you might need to refine your search to include the size and style of the bed before you find the rubber truck bed mat made specifically for your truck and will fit perfectly. If you are not sure about the listed bed mat models, you can call the supplier or stop by the local auto parts store and have them help you select the right one.

The rubber truck bed mat should fit the floor of the bed securely but not so tight that you need to force it in place. You should be able to lay the mat in place, and all the edges should meet the sides, front, and tailgate of the truck bed if the mat is the right one. This fit is critical to ensuring the mat does not move when driving.  

Bed Mat Weight

The weight of the rubber truck bed mat you are purchasing is crucial and can significantly affect the amount of protection the mat offers. Lightweight bed mats are available at low prices, and they can protect the bed against scratches, but they often will not protect against dents and damage to the bed from impacts. 

Heavyweight truck bed mats will absorb some impacts, so if things are bouncing around in the truck's bed, the mat will cushion the blow to the steel floor and protect it from damage. The thicker mats also reduce noise better when hauling things in the bed. 

The thicker truck bed mat will often be more expensive than lightweight mats, but their protection can make that additional cost worth it. The heavier mats also tend to last longer, so while you are paying more upfront, you can consider it an investment that will help protect the value of your truck if you decide to sell or trade it later. 

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The bed of your truck is designed to carry cargo and materials, but damage to the truck bed and the paint often becomes a problem over time. Installin